Thursday, November 5, 2015

Halloween 2015

And so Halloween 2015 happened (albeit more than a few days ago).

Josie dressed up as a bee and Pippa Middleton was her flower.

I didn't go out trick or treating, Gordy went with Josie and her friend Eva, but it was reported that Pippa Middleton went joyfully up to every door, greeted the owners, the owner's dogs and any children who might be present.  She refused to hang out at the end of the walkway with Gordy and was peppy and happy for the entire two hour trick or treating session.

Here is Pippa with Josie and Eva before the night began:

Henry joined in the festivities by wearing a turkey hat:

While Gordy was out with the little girls, Henry and I were driving down to a one of his friend's house where a group of 8 fifteen-year-old boys hung out for the night.   They didn't go out trick or treating, but they did go out around ten, to walk around the neighborhood to check for bowls of candy left out by people who didn't feel like opening their door for little children.

They found nothing.

Georgia did go trick or treating, but first she had a bunch of friends over to our house to get ready (put on make-up) and eat dinner.

We also had a photo "booth" with props and a polaroid camera so her friends could take home photos.

Most of the girls wore unicorn / animal onesies and those long, red nails are press-ons that were purchased for the night and removed before everyone went to sleep.

Henry stayed over at another friend's house, Josie's friend, Eva, stayed over at our house and Georgia's gang all came back to our house after trick or treating to watch a movie.  

Halloween 2015 was a success!

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