Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy (Faux) Birthday

Georgia and I are taking a trip to Miami later this week, so we celebrated her 13th birthday a little early.

It was Georgia's Faux Birthday.

I saved one present for Georgia to open on her actual birthday, but we did everything else.  We ate the dinner of Georgia's choice, sang the song, blew out the candles and enjoyed the cake.

And then we opened the presents that have already arrived (some haven't yet which means that Georgia will also have the fun of opening presents when we get back from Florida).

She loved the gift card, the earrings, the polymer clay and book, the sweatshirt/socks and the gifts that we gave her (some new shoes, a tshirt, a watch).

We leave for Florida tomorrow evening - and I can not wait.  It's been really cold here in Massachusetts and I'm eager to get a little warmth and relaxation.  Georgia and I both went to the book store and stocked up on some beach reads, and we are looking forward to sitting on a chaise lounge and doing nothing.

I won't be at my computer on Thanksgiving, so Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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