Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Hockey Halloween

Last Wednesday was Josie's Hockey Halloween party.  She gave Gordy and me a preview the night before.

Hockey Halloween is the only day that I'm allowed in the locker room.  Ten year olds put on their own gear and tie their own skates.

I enjoyed my time in the locker room.  It was fun watching the girls interact with each other and to get the opportunity to see some of their personalities.

Josie has made some good friends on the team.

I followed the girls out of the locker room and on to the ice.

It was so funny to see all the girls, wearing costumes on the ice.

Even the coaches got into the action.  Here's Josie's coach, dressed as a Crazy Cat Lady:

Josie has a great team.  Gordy and I thought long and hard about switching Josie from club hockey back to town hockey this year.  The club option has many pluses:  the girls are all the same skill level and they are lucky to have such great coaching.  Josie bonded with the girls last year and she is very fond of them and the level of play is definitely better than what she'd get on the town team, but the drive... THE DRIVE!  I'm not going to lie, the 40 minute each way drive, three times a week from September until March with no carpool help at all, gets pretty old.  Town hockey is ten minutes away from our house and there aren't as many practices.

For now, we're willing to do get Josie to club practice.  And cute events like this Halloween celebration is a big reason.  Josie had a smile on her face the entire day and that's worth the effort it takes to get her there.

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