Monday, November 30, 2015

Our Trip To Miami

Over Thanksgiving break, Georgia and I went to Miami. 

We spent Thanksgiving by the pool.

It wasn't the warmest day (it was actually cloudy and pretty windy) but cloudy and windy in November Miami is much, much better than November Massachusetts.

This mother/daughter trip was in honor of Georgia's twelfth birthday - and yes, I am aware that Georgia recently turned 13.  We've been busy.

After our day of relaxation at the pool, we were ready to spend Friday at the spa.

We got fancy mani / pedis, listened to a lot of Enya and Georgia ate a plate full of brownies from the Ladies' Lounge.

On Saturday, we went to the Miami Botanical Gardens were partially closed while a catering company set up for an Art Basel reception.

We did get to commune with the Miami turtles, which was just as fabulous as it sounds.

Hello Florida turtle!

Other highlights of our trip included:  a good dinner at a Cuban restaurant (Georgia had the Cuban chicken fingers), a good dinner at an Italian restaurant, some great virgin, fruity, frozen drinks, trips to the beach and a short trip on Black Friday to some Miami Beach shops.

It was hard to come back to Massachusetts because I'm not a huge fan of winter, but it was great to be back together as a family again and I'm excited that it's now Christmas/Hannukah season.

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