Monday, November 16, 2015

Our Weekend

Gordy and I were single parents this weekend - Gordy single-parented Georgia in Bethesda, MD and I single-parented Henry and Josie in Massachusetts.

We divided, but I'm not sure if we conquered.

Gordy and Georgia left Friday morning.  Friday meant a lot of packing, coordinating and traveling for Gordy, but it was a buy day for me.  Josie and I were free after school and we used the time to shop for her Christmas dress.  

She also practiced her guitar:

Saturday was a little more hectic.  Henry and Josie had hockey games at the same time.  I dropped off Henry at his coach's house and drove Josie to her game.  Henry's team won (and Henry got a goal) and Josie's team won, too.

We met back at the house and hung out with Pippa Middleton for awhile.

We ate dinner and then left for Henry's second game around 7:45pm.  The game was scheduled for 8:50, but the game before his ran late, so the match didn't start until 9:20.  

9:20 is past Josie's bedtime.  She pretty much conked out by the third period.  And Henry and I conked out the second we got back home (around 11pm).

The good news was that Henry's team won.  The bad news was that the team didn't have enough points (or some such problem) and didn't advance to the next round of the tournament.

We continued the winning streak on Sunday.

Georgia's team won the Bethesda tournament.  Gordy texted me this photo:

I think Georgia's eyes might be closed.

Josie's team won their Sunday game, too.

Sunday was Georgia's turn for a late night.  When she got home from Maryland, Georgia had homework to do.  

It's never a dull moment here.

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