Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Eve 2015

Christmas Eve started early this year - we have a three year old in the mix now and late nights and three year olds don't mix.  No one minded the early start, though, we enjoy getting our Christmas Eve on!

We started with the usual group photos.  Above are the original five cousins (Owen wasn't dressed yet) and below is Southern Family:

Next came the Philly contingent:

Can you stand Owen's cuteness?  I can only barely.

We did a family shot, too (above) and then all the cousins posed (below):

l to r:  Georgia (13), Avery (17), Owen (3), Henry (15), Josie (10) and Lily (19)

The boy cousins got tired of photos, so the grandparent / grandchild shot only included the girls:

Here's Gordy and I 


here is my annual sisters shot:

Dinner was cooked by my mother, although my Aunt Elsie made some of the appetizers.  I provided the cocktail.  

After dinner, we opened presents.

Owen was our "Santa Claus" and he handed out the presents with a little help from Elizabeth.  He did such a phenomenal job and even kept the excitement level up by clapping at each present.  

And of course, he thoroughly enjoyed opening his own presents:

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Innovo said...

Beautiful pictures! Glad you had a great time! Happy new year!

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