Friday, December 11, 2015

Gingerbread House Construction

Is it just me, or does it feel like the month of December is going way too fast?

We are getting really close to Christmas and still we have no decorations up nor have we purchased a tree.

The Chairwoman of our Decorations Committee (Josie) is obviously getting very distressed.

On Sunday, she forced the finance committee (Gordy and me) to at least purchase a gingerbread house kit.  AT LEAST!

It seemed sort of silly to me.  Gingerbread house kits are always stale and they never, ever stay together unless  you get glue involved.

And no one ever wants to get glue involved because then you can't eat the stale gingerbread or the rock-hard candies.

Josie and Georgia got down to work.

Well, Josie got down to work while Georgia showed off her lacrosse uniform which looks way-too-similar to a basketball uniform and also way-too-cold for winter.

It is not as warm in our house as Georgia's outfit suggests.  

Oh!  Hello Henry!

He must have sensed the presence of some candy in the kitchen.  

Nothing comes between Henry and his candy.

Wouldn't you know.... the darn roof would not stay put.  It ends up that frosting is not glue.


So the girls got creative.  Georgia made a gingerbread face cookie:

And Josie made a gingerbread house with a collapsed roof.

Merry Christmas!


Janet L. said...

I always put my gingerbread houses together with melted sugar (in a cast iron frying pan, stir granulated sugar until it forms a syrup) and then it instantly "glues" the house together - be careful of sugar burns but it's the best thing for gingerbread houses. Looks like fun!! And, btw, since I know you're a pug fan - check out this link about a "pug grumble" that happened recently in MHD:

Guymons said...

we havent decorated yet either

Martha said...

Janet - is that the trick!?! I've always wondered how people get those roofs to stay on! Thank you so much!!! And also, thanks for the link to the pug grumble article - how sweet!

Martha said...

Diane - Phew! I'm glad we aren't the only ones :)

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