Friday, December 18, 2015

Gordy Goes To a Bruins Game

A lot of you have already seen this from Gordy's instagram, but I knew my blog friend Diane would get a kick out of them, so I'm posting it on my blog.  

Hello Diane!

Gordy was invited to go to a Bruins game this week with a work friend and he got to sit in the first row right behind the penalty box.

The game was the Bruins vs. the Pittsburgh Penguins and during the game, Sidney Crosby got a penalty.  

Gordy texted Henry and me these photos and needless to say, we were pretty jealous.

We get to go to a few Bruins games every year, but our seats are nowhere near the front row!  

That's Gordy's voice yelling "What's up, Sid," in the background of the video.  It should be noted that Sidney did not acknowledge the Bruins fans or Gordy in any way!

And speaking of penalty minutes, Henry had his first game for his brand-new high school hockey team and with the three penalties he got that afternoon, he is now leading the team in penalty minutes.  

I guess I'm proud?

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Guymons said...

WHAT UP SID? haha, AWESOME. I'm so glad you share. So cool that Gordy got to go and sit so close. Fun night, for sure! And, yes, I'm very jealous. I need to get back to blogging, but I still love reading yours!!!

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