Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A House For Pippa

Our children went back to school yesterday and I swear the electronics and screens in our house breathed a sigh of relief.  I'm not sure if it was because I was really busy setting up for Christmas or if it was because it was cold and snowy outside during school vacation week, but I allowed all three of the kids to watch too much tv, play too much xbox, text too often on their phones and play too many games on the ipad.  

It was embarrassing, really.

On Friday, I came to my senses and pulled the plug.  It helped that sports started back up over the weekend, so there were reasons to leave the house.  We also dragged the kids to the Aquarium on Friday, which two of the three protested heavily against (I mean the girls, surprisingly.  Henry never complains about going to an Aquarium).  Of course once we were there, everyone had a good time.

On Saturday, we ran errands and Gordy took the girls to an indoor roller-skating rink while Henry rode his rollerblades on the driveway.  All three needed to be re-introduced to the world.  They were all in an electronics coma.

On Sunday, I told Josie to find something to do that didn't involve the ipad.  In her defense, I should tell you all that Josie has been mostly doing art on said ipad.  She got a "game" called Osmo for Christmas and it lets you draw and create art on your ipad.

It took screen-coma Josie about an hour to think of something to do, but once she got started, we didn't see her again all afternoon.

Using boxes left over from Christmas, Josie made a dog house for Pippa Middleton.

We all loved it and Josie was very proud, but Pippa Middleton wasn't having any of it.

She was more interested in the tissue paper.

Here's the back:

Gordy and I were happy that Josie still had some creative braincells left in her head.

We would have been even more happy if Georgia and Henry had helped (and if Henry wasn't on the other side of the room, playing xbox), but some victories, right?

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