Thursday, January 14, 2016

I'm Back! (Kind of)

It's been about ten days and I've had approximately ten conversations with eight different Apple techs (including one Senior Supervisor) and I can now access my photos.  Things are not perfect yet, I will eventually need to get all my photos into the new Photos app on my computer (which will mean another few hours on the phone since no one can figure out why the photos won't open) and when I try to import photos to my blog, they are no longer organized in neat month/year files like they used to be, but I'm trying to stay positive.  

And I'm glad to get back to blogging.

We are all doing well.  We're back to our normal routine after a long holiday break from school and sports.  Henry is back to getting up at 4:50am to make it to hockey practice on time.  Georgia and Josie are happy that their sports are the after-school type which means that they get to sleep until 6am and 7am respectively.  

Georgia has received her first Birchbox package - a Birchbox subscription was one of the things that Georgia got from Gordy and me for Christmas.  Every month, she gets a box of lotions and make-up samples to try.  

And no, thirteen-year-old Georgia does not wear make-up yet.  She's just having fun playing with make-up in our house.

This month's box included a hand-lotion, a perfume and a scented candle, so she was pleased.

AND Georgia got her hair cut the other day and the stylist gave her soft waves that Georgia really loved:

And the most bizarre thing was that the waves stayed in for three days in a row - even though Georgia played soccer for one of those days and her hair was pulled back into a ponytail.

Of course, that also means that Georgia needs to wash her hair, pronto.

Can you join me in an Ewwww?

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