Monday, February 29, 2016

The Oscars

We had our annual Oscars Red Carpet party last night.  Well, I call it a party, but it's really just Georgia, Josie and me.  And this year, we invited Pippa Middleton and a friend of Georgia's.

We started our evening by trying on outfits - a selection of formal and bridesmaid dresses that I've worn over the years.

Georgia tried on this pewter dress I wore to a formal event in New York (above) and then this black cocktail dress that I wore to a wedding here in Boston (below).

She also tried on an orange, taffeta dress that my grandmother made for my mother to wear to a formal in college:

Georgia settled on a pink dress I wore to Aaron & Melissa's wedding.

Josie tried on different dresses.  She liked this stripped dress I bought last year but haven't worn yet:

and she tired on a few of my college formals - including a pretty purple one that my mother made for me, but she settled on this long gown I wore to a local hospital fundraiser:

Obviously, a great deal of pinning was involved.

We set up a red carpet and took a walk:

Pippa Middleton took the stroll, too.

Although I'm not sure she knew what she was doing.  

When C arrived, Georgia did the red carpet a second time.  

Didn't they look pretty?

We had appetizers and then watched the live red carpet and the first hour of the Oscars on tv.  In general, we weren't paying much attention to the actual show.  This is the first year in a long time where I didn't see a single oscar-nominated movie.  I have every intention of seeing Brooklyn, The Big Short and Spotlight, but who knows when?  

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