Thursday, February 11, 2016


I don't know if it's just Josie's nature or if it's the result of her being the youngest child in a family of busy parents and siblings, but Josie is extremely independent and self-sufficient.  

And thank goodness for that because now that I have two older kids, my mind is geared more towards choosing Henry's Junior year classes and signing him up for driving and SAT classes than elementary school Valentine's Day celebration.

I knew that Valentine's Day was coming up.  

I knew that Josie wanted to do something unique for her Valentines this year.

I knew that supplies would have to be bought.

But it snowed and we had two snow days.  And Henry had two hockey games this week and there have been tests to study for, and regular sports practices to attend and doctor's appointments to schedule and Valentine's Day totally escaped me.

But it didn't escape Josie. 

Which is a good thing because today is Thursday, Valentine's Day is Sunday and Josie's school party is Friday.  

As in tomorrow.  

Yesterday, in the one hour that Josie had between school and leaving for hockey practice, she went on-line, printed out free Valentine printables, located two boxes of glowsticks that I had bought last summer for Block Island and never used and put together her Valentines.

The girls are getting "Valentine, You Make My Heart Glow" and the boys are getting "May The Force Be With You."

She didn't ask for help.  She didn't ask me to find/buy supplies, she didn't ask me to help with the cutting, or the assembling - Josie did it all.  By herself.

I loved how they turned out.  Here's the girls' version and scroll back up to the top to see the boys' light-sabers.  

Easy, quick and hassle-free.  


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