Monday, February 1, 2016

Varsity Hockey

I got a text message from my sister the other day that said "update your blog" and it made me frown.  I do want to keep my blog updated but there are three reasons that I haven't been blogging lately - the first is that I haven't been taking any photos and I usually let my photos dictate what I write about on my blog.  I haven't been taking photos because my camera does really horribly indoors and all the activities in Massachusetts during the winter are indoors.  

The second reason is that ever since I updated my computer, I just can not figure out how to upload photos from either the new Photo app nor my Aperture app to my blog.  It is such an enormous pain (these photos took me 20 minutes to find and upload).  The new operating system is so awful for photos and blogging.  There.  I've said it.  

The third reason that I've been away from blogging is that 12 days ago, I got the meanest, more horrific virus I've ever had and I haven't felt like doing much of anything except lying on the couch and moaning.  Oh and eating junk food and not exercising.

I feel better now, though.  

A day before the dreaded virus reared it's ugly head, I went to watch Henry's hockey team play their second ever game.

Gordy told me to be prepared.  Henry, I was told, was one of only two players who could skate.  

Things weren't that dire, though.  I thought the team played a determined game.  

They lost, obviously - and pretty badly - but they didn't give up or stop working.  And I'd say that all but one or two could skate.

Henry is playing defense and he'd prefer to be playing his usual position which is right wing.

I think Henry was further annoyed that during their third game, he didn't get to score the school first-ever boys varsity hockey goal - that honor when to a boy who was playing forward.

But I hope this doesn't come off like I'm complaining, because I'm not - and Henry is not - and Gordy is not.  Okay, maybe Henry is complaining a little bit, but only because he wants to move away from defense.  We are thrilled that there is a team at his school now and I think it's great fun to be able to say that you were on the first team.

The hours are taking a toll on Henry, though.  That I will admit.  He has to get up at 4:50am and he is completely wrecked by the end of the day (which for him is 6:45pm and that's before he does his homework).

The season is over right before spring break which is in March.  

Henry plays lacrosse in the spring (Outside!  Maybe in three months, I'll have learned where my new operating system is hiding my @#@$ photos!)


Guymons said...

I totally get the indoor sport picture dilemma!!! Andrew plays basketball and its hard to get a good shot. I might blog my one good photo in a little bit. There are definitely more pictures of Bradley playing soccer in my camera right now.

Go Henry's team. Have fun! And, I know Henry likes the Sharks, so remind him of Brent Burns, a scoring defenseman!!!

Guymons said...

and glad you are feeling better!!!

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