Monday, March 28, 2016

A Pippa Middleton Update

Since getting our puppy last year, I am never alone.  At any given moment, I look down to see this:

Like all good pugs, Pippa Middleton will not be ignored or left by herself.   If I am cooking, she is in the kitchen.  If I am putting away laundry, she is following me from room to room, if I am working on my computer, she is sitting behind me, sharing my chair.

We've had pugs before, so I know the drill.  

I don't mind the company, but I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't looking forward to the end of the puppy years.  

here's a good example of why.

I've been working on making pillows for my nephew Owen's room.  

I've laid out the fabric on my dining room table which has the largest surface in the house for cutting. The other day, I had the fabric draped to the floor and was starting to cut the first piece when suddenly the fabric starting pulling and sliding to the floor.  

Pippa Middleton enjoys the fun of hanging fabric and tents created under dining room tables.

Which reminded Pippa Middleton that it was a good moment for playing.

I removed the fabric from her reach, but she was not to be thwarted.  

A minute later, I felt my tape measuring being pulled to the ground.

I've realized over the last year that my time is no longer my own.

I stopped to chase Pippa around the first floor.  It was pretty clear that she had some excess energy to burn off.

I did eventually get the fabric cut.  It's adorable, no?

And I finally made it back to my project.

How was that possible, you ask?

This is why.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Last Week

We had an unbelievably busy couple of weeks.  Gordy had surgery on his knee (he's great now, though!), Henry had a week of driver's ed classes in a town 45 minutes away (that's three hours of driving per day for me!), we had the two sports tournament, we had a friend party to celebrate Josie's birthday and like always, we have been running around with our heads cut off.

The one thing I haven't done yet is get a new camera which I desperately need to do nor have I done a good job of taking photos.

But I did manage to record what Josie wore for Gold Day at her school (they wore gold to honor children with cancer):

And I took a couple of photos of Georgia before she went off to a friend's Bar Mitzvah:

Her dress was more orange than red, although it looks red in the photos.

Henry has been on spring break and he wanted to earn money, so we had him set up the string maze for Josie's birthday party.  He did an amazing job and the girls had a great time.

The girls played a bunch of games and then watched a movie.

Everyone had a great time.  

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Spring! We Are Having Spring In New England!

After the best winter ever (it only snowed twice!  No ice dams!  The sun shone more than once!), we are experiencing the mysterious thing EVER!  It's actually spring in New England!

We've never had a spring before so every day is exciting and new.

An actual crocus blossomed in my front yard last week.


Who knows how it got there or why it bloomed for the first time this year, but we were grateful to see it and even more grateful for the warm air that created it.

The other day, Josie, Pippa and I spent an hour playing outside.  

Being outside in March is unheard of here in Massachusetts.

And while we were outside, sunning ourselves and relaxing, we noticed that some of our tulip bulbs were coming to life.

I don't know what to think about all this, but I like it very much.

What else do I like?  These photos of Josie on the Friday of her hockey state tournament.  One of the (more bossy) girls on Josie's team told everyone to wear their hair in braids when they arrived at the game, and here's what Josie's hair looked like:

The little droplets you see are from the hair-spray and are not nits.  Josie's hair is not that long and french braiding wasn't easy to do.  I'm used a lot of hair spray.

A Lot.

Here's what Josie looked like when she went to school:

That's her team jacket and the ribbons are part of her team colors.

And that green stuff you see on the ground is grass!  GRASS!  You can see the grass even though it's  March and even though it's still technically winter here in MA and even though I heard that we are getting a snow storm on Sunday that will dump 5-8 inches of snow on top of our pretty, budding plants!

Oh glorious spring!  Welcome! 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tournament Weekend

Last weekend was a doozy for us.  Georgia had her Pre-Season soccer tournament - three games scattered around the greater Boston area - and Josie had her hockey State Tournament in Marlboro.

These events were tricky to coordinate, but don't worry!  Master Planner Gordy came through with aplomb (as always).  Gordy and Josie left for Marlboro around noon on Friday and he handled the games, the gaggle of 11 year old girls and the two nights in the Days Inn and I got Georgia to her soccer games (or to teammates houses where other mothers took her to her game).  

In summary:  Georgia's team lost their Friday night game, but they won their Saturday afternoon and Sunday pre-dawn games.  

Josie's team won their Friday afternoon game, their early-morning Saturday game, their Saturday afternoon game and their Sunday morning game at 6:50am.  Sadly, they didn't win the finals on Sunday afternoon, but coming in second place was pretty wonderful, too.

What did Henry do this weekend?  Not much - and that was fabulous since he just finished exams and needed a good break.

And so soccer is now beginning while hockey is coming to an end.  

Here's how we stand, sports-wise:  Henry decided not to play lacrosse this year and instead he is taking tennis.  He "made" the third team at his school and seems very happy.  

Georgia is still doing both of her year-round sports:  soccer and lacrosse.  

And Josephine has hockey try-outs this week and then she starts field hockey and we signed her up for a swimming class.

We went to the first swim lesson yesterday and it was a complete bust.  I signed her up on-line at the local YMCA which may have the most confusing website and class selection process in the world.  All the classes offered are for ages 6 and up.  The way you choose your class is to read the description of the various levels.  For Josie I chose the Minnow class - you had to be over six (check), be able to do a good crawl (check), a good backstroke (check) and be able to do a decent breast-stroke (check!)

It seemed perfect until we arrived at the lesson and Josie found herself getting into the pool with four seven year-old boys.  Josie was not amused and I was not amused when I went upstairs to the front desk and found out that I can't move her into a class with older students because those classes are all full.  Josie was by far the best swimmer in the class - probably because she's had four more years to practice - and she was obviously in the wrong class but I'm going to have to come up with some good incentives to get her back to that pool for the rest of the session.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Josie Turns 11

Sweet Josephine turned 11 the other day!

She even made her own cake.

Her birthday was on a school day, so Josie waited to open her presents until after dinner.

This was because by the time Josie gets up in the morning, Gordy, Henry and Georgia are all gone and everyone knows it's no fun to open presents without an audience.

The ironic thing is that once dinner was over, Georgia was already gone to soccer and Henry stayed in the family room long enough to watch Josie open one present before he went upstairs to study for an exam.

There he goes!

Josie had a great birthday.  She got a lot of fabulous presents, her cake was delicious and she felt special for the day.

Josie's friends party is in a few weeks, so we'll get to celebrate her again then.  

Happy  Birthday, Josie!

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