Monday, March 28, 2016

A Pippa Middleton Update

Since getting our puppy last year, I am never alone.  At any given moment, I look down to see this:

Like all good pugs, Pippa Middleton will not be ignored or left by herself.   If I am cooking, she is in the kitchen.  If I am putting away laundry, she is following me from room to room, if I am working on my computer, she is sitting behind me, sharing my chair.

We've had pugs before, so I know the drill.  

I don't mind the company, but I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't looking forward to the end of the puppy years.  

here's a good example of why.

I've been working on making pillows for my nephew Owen's room.  

I've laid out the fabric on my dining room table which has the largest surface in the house for cutting. The other day, I had the fabric draped to the floor and was starting to cut the first piece when suddenly the fabric starting pulling and sliding to the floor.  

Pippa Middleton enjoys the fun of hanging fabric and tents created under dining room tables.

Which reminded Pippa Middleton that it was a good moment for playing.

I removed the fabric from her reach, but she was not to be thwarted.  

A minute later, I felt my tape measuring being pulled to the ground.

I've realized over the last year that my time is no longer my own.

I stopped to chase Pippa around the first floor.  It was pretty clear that she had some excess energy to burn off.

I did eventually get the fabric cut.  It's adorable, no?

And I finally made it back to my project.

How was that possible, you ask?

This is why.


Elizabeth said...

Ha! Look at that little sleeping angel!

I love the pillows!

Guymons said...

love how your narration and photos go together to make a great story!

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