Thursday, March 3, 2016

Josie Turns 11

Sweet Josephine turned 11 the other day!

She even made her own cake.

Her birthday was on a school day, so Josie waited to open her presents until after dinner.

This was because by the time Josie gets up in the morning, Gordy, Henry and Georgia are all gone and everyone knows it's no fun to open presents without an audience.

The ironic thing is that once dinner was over, Georgia was already gone to soccer and Henry stayed in the family room long enough to watch Josie open one present before he went upstairs to study for an exam.

There he goes!

Josie had a great birthday.  She got a lot of fabulous presents, her cake was delicious and she felt special for the day.

Josie's friends party is in a few weeks, so we'll get to celebrate her again then.  

Happy  Birthday, Josie!


Cathrine Knol said...

Happy birthday to Josie! The cake look delicious :-).

Martha said...

Thank you, Cathrine! It was delicious!

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