Thursday, March 17, 2016

Spring! We Are Having Spring In New England!

After the best winter ever (it only snowed twice!  No ice dams!  The sun shone more than once!), we are experiencing the mysterious thing EVER!  It's actually spring in New England!

We've never had a spring before so every day is exciting and new.

An actual crocus blossomed in my front yard last week.


Who knows how it got there or why it bloomed for the first time this year, but we were grateful to see it and even more grateful for the warm air that created it.

The other day, Josie, Pippa and I spent an hour playing outside.  

Being outside in March is unheard of here in Massachusetts.

And while we were outside, sunning ourselves and relaxing, we noticed that some of our tulip bulbs were coming to life.

I don't know what to think about all this, but I like it very much.

What else do I like?  These photos of Josie on the Friday of her hockey state tournament.  One of the (more bossy) girls on Josie's team told everyone to wear their hair in braids when they arrived at the game, and here's what Josie's hair looked like:

The little droplets you see are from the hair-spray and are not nits.  Josie's hair is not that long and french braiding wasn't easy to do.  I'm used a lot of hair spray.

A Lot.

Here's what Josie looked like when she went to school:

That's her team jacket and the ribbons are part of her team colors.

And that green stuff you see on the ground is grass!  GRASS!  You can see the grass even though it's  March and even though it's still technically winter here in MA and even though I heard that we are getting a snow storm on Sunday that will dump 5-8 inches of snow on top of our pretty, budding plants!

Oh glorious spring!  Welcome! 

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