Saturday, April 23, 2016

Five Hours on Block Island

It was spring vacation week for the girls last week.  Since we aren't able to go away for vacation (because Henry is in school), I made a concerted effort to do fun things for / with the girls.  Gordy took them all to the Great Wolf Lodge in Fitchburg on Sunday / Monday and I made myself available for any friend-filled activity that they wanted to do for the rest of the days.  On Friday, though, we did something that needed to be done for the family.  Georgia stayed home and pet-sat Pippa Middleton (and earned much needed petty cash) while Josie and I drove / ferried over to Block Island to deliver the washed linens to the house and to meet with an electrician and a landscaper.

It was a busy but fun day - mostly fun because it reminded us that summer is just around the corner and that soon we will be spending a whole lot more time on the island.

The first thing we noticed when we pulled into the drive way is that our house is no longer the pale color of a naked mole rat.  The winter weathered the new shingles to a true New England gray.

We noticed that the porch furniture (seen above in a clump on the porch) had faired well over the winter.  I made a point of taking a few photos of how we had the seats and tables stacked so we'd remember next fall.  

We also noticed a fair share of mouse poop around the house (so thank goodness for those covers we put on the furniture!). I guess we must have entertained over the winter, even though we didn't realize it!

Our next door neighbors live in Connecticut during the winter, and they weren't at their house yet for the season.  We share a staircase down to the beach with these neighbors and it will be interesting to see what they think of the winter damage.  There was a strange row of damaged trees along the side of the stairs and I have no idea if that's what it looks like every year or if we had a particularly bad snow storm that changed the landscape of the cliffs.

Josie and I made our way down to the beach after we met with the two service providers.  We have a few electrical issues that need to be fixed before the summer and we are replacing a bunch of hydrangea bushes that were removed during the restoration project last winter.

The day was cool and not particularly clear, but the beach was as beautiful as ever.

We were hoping (as always) to find one of the hidden glass orbs that are on the island, but we did not.  We did find some gorgeous, large shells which are very unusual on the island:

After our walk, we locked up the house and drove into town where we had dinner at one of the three restaurants that are already opened for the season.  Block Island has some work to do!  

We took the 7:30 pm ferry back home.  It was a quick five hours, but it was wonderful.  We'll be back on the island soon and after a good clean, we'll be good to go!

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TZRB said...

Looks beautiful! I'll be on the lookout for my formal invitation in the mail soon! ;) xo

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