Tuesday, May 3, 2016

An Outdoor Dog

The weather hasn't been great this spring - and it's all because of me and my big mouth.  I had to write a blog post about the amazingly warm month of March  and how wonderful it was to finally be experiencing spring in New England. 

And I jinxed it for everyone. 

April was freezing -it even snowed!  And the first few days of May haven't been much better.  I wore two down jackets to a rainy soccer game last Sunday and I still shivered throughout the entire afternoon.  

No one is more annoyed by the weather than Pippa Middleton.  She loves to be outside and the weather is not cooperating.

Multiple times a day, Pippa will stand by the kitchen door, sending me pitiful looks every few seconds, like only a pug can do, until I realize what she's trying to tell me and I let her out.

We don't have a fenced-in yard, so I've started doing the next best thing:

The Pug Porch Playpen!

I brought our kitchen gate outside and used it to cover the stairs that go down to our backyard.  

And I put out a dog cushion for Pippa to sleep on and voila:

An outdoor dog!

It's perfect - except for the fact that Pippa needs to see me in the kitchen from the porch.  If she sees me leave the kitchen, she has to follow me by coming inside.  We also don't have a screen door (well. We DO have a screen door - it's up in the attic, wrapped up in it's original box alongside all the window screens for the house.  We never, ever open windows in our house - especially during the spring because of Henry's severe pollen allergies.  I joke that our house is hermetically sealed, but it's actually the truth).  Having the door wide open isn't smart for Henry and frankly, it lets in the flies.  

Other than that, the porch playpen has worked brilliantly and Pippa Middleton is very pleased.  


Janet said...

Glad to see the sun shining in your photos of Pippa - this week has been so dreary - I too, froze at a sporting event this week with two jackets on from that lovely "seabreeze". Praying for warmer weather in New England!

Martha said...

Janet - the last ten days have been so gloomy, right? But today - as I'm typing this - the sun is shining brightly through my window and I am so relieved! I'm so tired of wearing my parka!!!!

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