Monday, May 2, 2016

April Randoms (in May)

Did we do anything other than play sports in April?  The answer is yes and I even got a few photos of some of these other things (not all - I'm too lazy).  Georgia had yet another band concert and once again, we had to dip into the box of Avery hand-me-downs to find something to wear.  

Georgia is supposed to wear either black or white and her one black dress was missing.  Yep.  You read that correctly.  Georgia has lost her black dress.

Don't ask me how you lose a dress.  I have no idea.

Henry was in the kitchen while I took the above photos, so I tried to get a picture of him, too:

Nothing is ever easy with a teenager!


Got you!

I didn't bother to bring my camera to the actual concert.  It's too crowded and busy for photos.

Instead, I took some photos of Georgia at home, playing her flute so we'd remember why she was dressed up in the first place.

Henry has been playing tennis this season and it seems like he really enjoys it.

I don't have a photo of any of his games and that's because I don't think he's had any... and if he has had a match, he hasn't told us about it.  

That's how it is with Henry.

And how is Josie, you ask?

She is well!  Thank you.

She is finishing up fifth grade, swimming one day a week (finally in an age-appropriate class) and playing field hockey two days a week.  She is also finding time to bake some cakes and she finally used some of the fondant she received as birthday gifts in March.

Pretty, no?

In other news, Gordy is done with physical therapy and back running.  He is obviously thrilled to have the surgery behind him.  

April was a good month - on to May!

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Elizabeth said...

Josie can come to my house and bake cakes covered with fondant whenever she wants! Open invitation!

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