Saturday, May 7, 2016


I spent five hours yesterday, waiting for Uhaul to install a hitch to my new(ish) car.  FIVE HOURS!  I spent the first three hours, reading my newspaper and catalogs in a nearby Whole Foods.  But the next two hours, were spent inside the Uhaul, pitching fits about why my car still wasn't finished and clapping a loud, rude pace for the mechanics.    

I pulled out the Uhaul driveway twenty minutes before the girls got out of school which means that it was a complete waste of a day.

This, of course, is a very long, complain-y way of telling you that I had to do all my usual Friday errands on Saturday, which meant that I had Josie (and Gordy) with me at the grocery store and it explains why we ended up with a Large Bubble Wand in the cart.

Extra things are always purchased when Josie "Can I get this, plllleeeassse" Elliot is along for the ride.

I tried to get Josie to wait for a sunny, warm day to try the new wand, but with the way things have been this cold, rainy spring, who knows when that would be?

The bubble wand was pretty amazing.

There is something so very beautiful about soap bubbles, isn't there?

We will definitely bring this bubble wand to Block Island the weekend that Owen comes to visit.  

Since it's spring Saturday in New England, Gordy and I will spend a least a few hours, watching lacrosse in the rain.

And tomorrow we will spend more time watching soccer in the rain.

During both events, I will be wearing a parka.

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