Thursday, May 26, 2016

Death To Busy-Work!

Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!  Listen up, people.  I'm hereby calling for an end to all busy-work!

After 11 years of having children in school, I am finally ready to stand up and declare that I am so sick of long, tedious, pointless assignments that have no other purpose then to fill up afternoons.

It's busy-work.

Case in point:  the other day, Georgia was assigned the task of coloring in pictures of an entire human skeleton.  After she carefully colored in all eight sheets (which took about three hours), she then had to cut out the skeleton - including spaces between all the ribs and fingers/toes - and assemble the bones into a full body.

I'm not kidding when I say that she started the project at 3pm and didn't finish until way after 8pm and that was with both my help and Gordy's.

Now please don't comment on the bottom of this post and angrily lecture me on how all children learn in different ways and that one child's busy-work is another child's best assignment ever, because I understand that.  I have three children and each of them has a unique way of learning.  

But even an artistic child who thrives on coloring and cutting, doesn't need a five hour assignment after a long day at school.   

Henry had a year of busy-work at our local middle school.  He was on a team that assigned many "alternative" projects that took way too much time and required multiple nights of all-hands-on-deck parental assistance.

Georgia hasn't had the same experience.  She's been on two completely different teams and for the most part, she hasn't had many nights of busy-work, but mercy!  She made up for it with this assignment!

The truly annoying thing was that Georgia told us that they had already finished the bone unit in this particular class.  They had taken the test on bones and moved on to muscles.  So she didn't understand why they were then assigned the task of coloring in and assembling a skeleton.

Georgia was not amused. 

And neither was I.

Down with busy-work!!!


Garima said...


Diane Guymon said...

I feel your pain and I agree with you. Especially maddening is that the bone unit is over and bones are white!

Laura said...

Ugh... busywork is the WORST.

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