Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Georgia, Dog Lover

All the kids are great with Pippa Middleton and will take her out when asked, but Georgia has proven herself a natural dog-owner and a real dog-lover.  

Quietly and without any instructions, Georgia learned Pippa's routine and will feed, walk her and play with her without being told to do so.  The entire winter, while Josie and I were at hockey, Georgia would give Pippa her dinner and take her out before I'd even remember that such tasks needed to be done.  She understands what Pippa needs instinctively and seems to really enjoy the daily care-taking that a dog requires.  Pippa Middleton started out her life with us, rotating between all three children's beds, but now she only sleeps with Georgia (because Georgia is the only one who willingly puts up with the early mornings, the snoring and the occasional late-night barking).

Georgia has been an enormous help and I know that I couldn't do the Pippa-care without her.  And I'm sure that she could happily care for a dog all by herself- if she was an adult and didn't have to go to school every day, I mean.

My sister, Elizabeth, got her first dog when she was very young - 24?  And although some 24 year olds are just too immature for that kind of responsibility, Elizabeth was always a fabulous dog-owner and no dog was more cared-for or loved than Tulip.  

I wouldn't be surprised if Georgia followed in her aunt's footsteps.

Georgia has invented a game she calls "Zoomie Fingers" that never fails to get Pippa Middleton running figure 8s around our family room.  

The two of them played yesterday afternoon while I cooked dinner and Georgia waited for her soccer carpool.  I tried to get photos but Pippa Middleton was too fast!

Gotcha!  A girl and her pug :)

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