Sunday, May 22, 2016


Henry decided not to play lacrosse and instead spent the spring playing tennis.  Josie quit lacrosse after only one season - it just didn't interest her.  So that means that Georgia is our family's lone lacrosse player.  She switched clubs this year and her schedule now consists of two back-to-back games every weekend.  I'll be honest, I used to dread going to lacrosse games and that's because for the first few years there was a dreadful three-pass policy that made games long and painful.  And then there were the referees who would stop play constantly to correct and instruct - which was probably a good thing for the players but it was excruciating for the parents.

Luckily things have changed and girls lacrosse has improved vastly.

The games are now faster, the plays more complex and interesting and the referees less vocal.  

And it's now quite fun to watch Georgia playing lacrosse. 

Last night, Georgia's team played their two games.  Sadly, they lost both but the scores were close and I thought her team did well.  

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