Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Day

We attended our very last elementary school May Day ceremony.  Josie even played her guitar in the concert! 

But that was at the end.  First, we listened to a bunch of group songs sung by the entire school and we watched Grades K - 5 dance around the May Pole.

The fifth graders did famous Sword Dance where they march around a circle with yard sticks and then eventually weave them together to make a star.

This is an honor apparently, although I personally prefer the stick dance performed by the third graders.

Here is Josie marching in her circle.

And here is Josie, weaving her yard stick into a star.


After the final dance, a girl read a patriotic poem and then the kids sung "America The Beautiful" while Josie played a guitar accompaniment.  

Kids have played guitar along with the songs in years past, so Josie took the initiative and asked the music director if she could play her guitar this year.  I was impressed - both with the guts it took to ask to play and by her performance itself.

She looked pretty nervous while she played, but she said she hadn't been nervous when I asked her how it went at the end.

Good job, Josie!

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