Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Josie Graduates From Elementary School

On Monday night, Josephine became the third Elliot child to graduate from elementary school.  She still has school until Friday, though.  Can we give a shout out for snow days?  

It is exactly this sort of situation that makes me angry when I get those 6am phone calls from the school superintendent telling me that school has been cancelled due to snow.  

It's my personal opinion that once you graduate, you don't have to go back to that school.  

The graduation ceremony was very sweet.

The fifth graders dressed up and they sung a couple of songs that were quite pretty and lyrically appropriate.

Diplomas were passed out, the principal gave an address and we watched a slideshow of photos taken throughout the year.  

Afterwards, we went to a reception in the gym and the kids signed each other's yearbooks and ate cake.

I ran around and tried to get photos of Josie with her friends but it wasn't easy.

Gordy and I declared this a "mandatory family activity" so Henry and Georgia had to attend.

Josie went to both of their 5th grade graduation, so I thought it only appropriate that they attend hers.

A friend even took a photo with me in it!  Unheard of!

Thank you, Angela!

congratulations, Josie!

1 comment:

Diane Guymon said...

I'm glad you got in some pictures and I'm glad the big kids attended!!!

Great family and cute girl!

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