Monday, June 27, 2016

Last Day of School !

Well, we made it!  We are all finally done with school!

The morning of the last day, I took Georgia and Josie's traditional Last Day of School photos.

Above is Georgia on the last day of seventh grade.

And below is Georgia on her first day:

The first day photo was shot with my old camera and was ridiculously over-exposed.  

And here is Josie on her last day of 5th grade:

And on her first day:

Some actual growth!  Impressive, Josie!

I am not posting Henry's Last Day / First Day photos and that is because he is refusing to be on this blog and I had to promise him I wouldn't post it, in order to get him to pose for a photo in the first place.  His last day of school was over two weeks ago.  

And so summer has now begun - I'm thrilled!

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