Monday, June 13, 2016

Our First Field Hockey Tournament

Josie started playing field hockey this spring.  Years ago, both our girls did a field hockey day camp at a local college, but they hadn't played since then.  After ice hockey ended this spring, we were looking for activities for Josie and field hockey seemed like a good fit.  

She did about five weeks of a twice-a-week clinic and ended up really enjoying the sport.

After the clinic was over, Josie was given the opportunity to play in a tournament.  Her "team" played four 25-minute games....

.... and they managed to win all four!  So that was fun!

Josie is signed up to play field hockey at school next year, although we did just find out that her ice hockey practices might interfere with this plan.  We'll work it all out, I'm sure.  

Georgia had a successful weekend as well.  Her team won the State Cup which means that they will now be traveling to Colorado this summer for the national games.  

This is exciting, although a little sad.  The games are over a five-day period, so Gordy will have to take time off from work and he will have to spend those days in Colorado instead with Georgia's soccer team instead of enjoying his time off with his family.  And Georgia will miss some of her vacation on Block Island, including a visit with my sister and her family, which is sad.  

But mostly, it is exciting and she is very excited and very pleased and that's all that really matters, right?

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