Monday, July 11, 2016

All The Fun Happens On Weekends Around Here ....

It's sad, but it's true.  Our weeks have been spent going to doctor appointments, allergy shots, pilates classes and sporting events.  Not a whole lot of fun has been had.  But on weekends, we've been enjoying time on Block Island - usually with friends.  

This past week, Georgia brought her good friend MT.

It wasn't a fabulous, sunny, warm beach weekend - in fact it was cold and cloudy and it rained more than once - but we did make it to the beach and we did have a great time.

No one enjoyed the beach walk we took on Saturday more than Pippa Middleton.  

She absolutely loves to walk on the beach.   What she doesn't love is the urinary tract infection that we figured out she had while on this walk.  But on the OTHERHAND, she does love the extra wet food she gets to eat (which wraps around the anti-biotic that she now has to take for ten days).

And now I remember why I was hesitant to get another dog.

What did we do?  We took this long walk on the beach, the girls sunbathed the two short times that the sun came out from behind the clouds and Georgia and M even went into the ocean, Josie and Henry took a bike ride and searched for glass floats.  We all read books - even Henry, which is a Christmas miracle - and Gordy and the kids played a few epic games of Tiki Toss and Ladder ball. 


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