Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Our Last Few Weeks

We've been enjoying the summer - no surprise there.  In a bid to get Josie to read more while on her break, I offered to pay to have her hair dyed in exchange for her reading all seven of the Harry Potter books.  

Josie chose purple tips and got to reading right away.  I know what you are thinking - why pay for the  hair dye BEFORE she's actually read all seven of the books, but it was on purpose.  Josie is starting a new school in September and I didn't want her to start with purple hair.  I figured that if she got it done in June, it would have faded away by September.

And I was right, except for the fact that it's been two weeks and the dye is already gone.  

She is annoyed especially since she's only on book three!

We've been spending some time on Block Island, too.  Georgia had her friend C over for a weekend.

And we had the Murphy family (four out of five) visit us for four days over the Fourth of July:

Because we figured Henry wouldn't want to hang out with four girls, we had him invite his friend, too.

We didn't see much of them (except around meal times) but that only means that they had a great time.

I didn't get any photos from the Fourth of July celebrations, but the fireworks were amazing and the parade was super cute.

In other news, Henry passed his permit test and is now an officially permitted driver.  He has yet to get behind the wheel, but HE COULD and that's what matters most :)

And today Georgia got her tongue-tie fixed.  We thought we were only going to a consultation but the doctor advised that we just bite the bullet and get the procedure done and so we did.  The whole thing was done with a laser and took about four minutes but Georgia is now in a good deal of pain and has to do tongue stretching exercises every five hours for a month than could best be described as gruesome.  

The pain is only supposed to last for five days (give or take a day) and watching her stick her tongue all the way out is pretty wonderful, but I know she is eager to feel better quickly.

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