Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A New Ice Hockey Season

So ice hockey season has begun again.  Henry's hockey is easy - all his practices are on the weekend and the games are on weekday nights, usually around or after 9pm.  He usually gets home from school around 6:30, so a 9pm game means that he has plenty of time to eat dinner and get his homework finished.  It may sound like a disaster to have to play an hour of hockey at bedtime, but he doesn't mind and he never gets to bed that early anyway.

Josephine's hockey is just a tad more complicated.

Josie has three practices a week and then one to two games per weekend.  Josie gets out of school at 3:45, but the bus she takes home doesn't leave the school until after the high school kids get out at 5:45, so on hockey days, I make the 45 minute drive down to the school to pick her up.  

When we signed Josie up for hockey, we figured that since she moved up a level, hockey practice would be an hour later than it was last year.  That extra hour would give us enough time to drive the hour and fifteen minutes from her school to the town north of our home where hockey practices.  

Easy peasy

You can guess what happened, right?

Hockey practice did not move an hour later than last year.  It's at the exact same time as it was last year and that means that we have one hour to make the hour and fifteen minute trip.  

Whoops!  Obviously, we didn't think this through.

We did some experimenting and took three different routes, each was long and traffic-filled.  We realized that there was no way we could get to practice on time - even if Josie changed into her gear in the car.  We've asked (and received) permission from Josie's field hockey coach (field hockey is her last class of the day) to leave school fifteen minutes early.  With that extra time and with Josie putting on her full uniform in the car (including her skates), we can usually get her on the ice five minutes late for practice but that's with a lot of craziness and stress.

So why bother?  

I'm willing to put up with the hassle (at least for this year) because Josie loves hockey and she really likes this team.  The girls are nice and she's made some great friends.  Her coach is fantastic and she's a great role model who expects a lot from her players (working hard to meet someone's expectations is always a good life lesson, in my opinion).  Josie will eventually play ice hockey for her school but currently there is only one team (a high school team) and I'm not sure a short 6th grader should to be playing hockey with teenagers.  

These are the reasons I tell myself when I fall out of my car each evening after 3 hours of driving.  I know why I'm doing it, but I need constant reminders!

Moments like below help:

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