Monday, September 26, 2016

A Quick Trip To Pennsylvania

I went to Pennsylvania last weekend for my yearly visit with Elizabeth, Sean and Owen...... and the restaurant, Buddakan in Philadelphia.  I'm happiest to visit with the humans, but those amazing Dim Sum Donuts at Buddakan are a close fourth.

I arrived on Friday afternoon and mostly we just hung out with Owen and had dinner.  On Saturday morning, Elizabeth and I took a great exercise walk and then we brought Owen to an amazing local playground called Kid's Castle. 

I've been to other castle playgrounds over the years, but this one was unbelievable.  

It's basically a giant maze / jungle gym inside which twists and turns and has crawl-throughs that are only three feet high.  We went inside the castle multiple times and never took the same route.  

The easiest way to exit the castle is to take one of three slides - two of which are completely enclosed tubes that twist and turn as you drop from about four stories to the ground.  

The first time I went down the slide, I was terrified.  The only thing that kept me from having a full-blown panic attack was the sound of Elizabeth and Owen (who had gone down before me) talking.  If I hadn't heard their voices below me, I would have been convinced that something definitely terrible, and narnia-like had happened.  I figured I wouldn't go down the slide again, but I had to - twice more actually - just to get out of the structure.

The second and third time were much less scary.

Mind you, none of the 50 or so toddlers and young children also in the maze had the same issues with the slide :) It was really too bad that my kids weren't visiting PA with me.  I know they would have loved this castle.

Owen had a pretty bad cold, so we took it easy and played at home for the rest of the afternoon before Elizabeth and I dressed for dinner and took the train into the city for 


This asian-inspired Kenneth Starr restaurant is definitely one of our favorites.  The food is delicious, the drinks are yummy and the service is impeccable.  Dinner at Buddakan is a highlight of my year.

Weekend trips are always too short.  I left on Sunday morning to catch a plane home but sadly, there were problems with the plane that delayed the flight until after 7pm.  That's five hours spent in the airport (and on the grounded plane) that I could have been spending with E, S & O.  Which was annoying, obviously.  

I wish we all lived closer to one another!

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