Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Banana Boating on Block Island

We tried something new on Block Island this summer - well, the kids and Gordy tried something new, I stayed happily at home, stuck in my own "old" world!  

They went on a Banana Boat!

The girls and Gordy went first and then a few days later, I brought all three kids back to try it again after Georgia and Josie convinced Henry that the ride had been fun and that he should go out on the banana boat, too.

The banana boat starts in Old Harbor and then splashes and whips around the bay by Children's Beach and Town Beach.

Josie has always noticed it, but I never had.  

There was a lot of begging before we agreed to do it.

The banana boat tour does a very good business apparently.

I went from never noticing the banana boat to seeing it every single time we went into town or found ourselves driving on that side of the island.

Gordy, Georgia and Josie came back to the shore soaking wet - the boat goes fast and there are ample signs warning you that you will get wet.  All three fell off the boat at some point (which is part of the fun apparently) and a few fell off multiple times.

The girls and Gordy gave the experience two thumbs up.  Henry was a little less impressed and only gives the ride one thumb up (although he looked to me like he had had a great time :)

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