Friday, September 9, 2016

Block Island Sunsets

Block Island is really a heavenly place.  The ocean, the vistas, the rolling green hills - it's all gorgeous.  Even the night skies and the orange summer sunsets are breath-taking.

I wasn't aware that I was taking so many of the night sky until I got home and downloaded my summer photos onto my computer.

I took photos of the pink sunsets and the blue night sky.

The last week we were on the island, Josie and I went to Grace's Cove on the west side of the island to watch the sunset.  

The sun sets quickly, but it's worth the trip.

We went to Block Island for Labor Day weekend but because of Tropical Storm Hermine, we ended up leaving the island after 24 hours.  But before we succumbed to panic and left the island, we experienced one more amazing sunset.  Behold:

I'm not even sure these photos do the actual sky any justice.  The colors were amazing.  

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