Thursday, September 22, 2016

First Field Hockey Game

Josie is now playing field hockey on her middle school team and her first game was this week.

After watching one full game, here is what I know about field hockey:  nothing!

Not a single thing!

I really had a hard time figuring out the rules.  The whistle blew a lot and there were a few corner and penalty shots but I don't know why.  


I will figure this game out eventually.  

I have faith in myself.

Josie seemed to be having fun and that's something.

It wasn't the best day for watching an outdoor sporting event - it was pouring rain but it hasn't rained in Massachusetts in so long, that no one was complaining about the weather.  The rain was desperately needed.

Josie got a lot of playing time (probably because they only had two extra players so everyone got to rotate in and out :)  )

Sadly, they lost 0-1 but that goal wasn't indicative of better play by the other team.  They were equally matched, if you ask me.

But really, I'm only guessing :)

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