Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Grandma and Grandpa Visit For A Weekend

Gordy's parents came to Block Island to visit us for a weekend.

And these two photos are the only two I took!  I'm embarrassed and even more, I'm annoyed at myself.  Grandpa isn't even in the photo!  Since I don't have any photos, I'm going to write about what we did during the visit so we always remember.

Janice and David came down with Gordy on Friday and we celebrated their arrival with a cook-out.  

The next morning, Gordy, Georgia and I took Janice for a walk down our stairs to the beach and then down to Mohegan Bluffs, back up their stairs and then we walked home along the road.  Gordy brought along two garbage bags and picked up garbage (mostly mylar balloons - which for some odd reason end up on our beach all the time - and empty beer cans left behind the night before by drunken day-trip-ers).  That was our good deed of the day.

Later that afternoon, we brought Janice to Mansion Beach, although we didn't stay very long as it was the hottest day I've ever experienced on Block Island and being in the sun wasn't very appealing.

We went out to dinner and used some of our ice cream gift cards (won by me during Fireman Bingo) for dessert.

What else did we do?  We took Janice and David for a drive around the entire island to show them the sights.  We  played Uno and went into town for a shop.  We were sorry to see them leave but they didn't leave the island by themselves.  Gordy went back to work, Georgia went home for a soccer camp and Henry headed to a different ferry that took him to Martha's Vineyard (no relation :)  ) where he spent a week with a school friend.

Josie, Pippa Middleton and I stayed on Block Island for one last, relaxing, sun-drenched week.

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