Thursday, September 1, 2016

More Friends On Block Island

We really enjoyed having frequent company on Block Island this summer.  One of best weekends was when we had Pippa's good friend Cosmo come to visit!

We were all smitten with Cosmo - even Henry's friend Sam who spent the week with us and isn't necessarily as enamored with pugs as we are!

Cosmo's sisters came as well and our girls had a great time showing them the sights on the island.

And all six kids invented a crazy Uno game that was way too complex for me to understand.

On one of the last days of their visit, we went to Heinz field and played touch football.

I'm sad that I didn't get any photos of the three moms - or even of the Harrises at all, since they were there as well (sadly without their daughters who were at camp).  Next year, I will make a concerted effort to photograph the adults as often as I do the children!

1 comment:

Diane said...

"as often as the children"....and the dogs, haha!

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