Sunday, September 11, 2016

Our Last Week

I tried something new this year when I planned our time on Block Island - instead of the three weeks that we have previously stayed, this year I decided to stay on island for four weeks.  The first week was just me, Henry and Josie because Georgia and Gordy were in Colorado for a soccer tournament.  The second week, we had Henry's friend Sam with us and Gordy and Georgia were back on the east coast and with us on the island.  The third and fourth weeks were supposed to be just the kids and me with Gordy coming for long weekends, but then Georgia decided that she wanted to be home (and Gordy wanted her to go to a soccer camp) and Henry was invited to go to Martha's Vineyard with a friend from school and Gordy had work commitments ...

and suddenly it was just me and Josie, on Block Island, enjoying the last week of our summer vacation.

And enjoy it we did!

We established a routine.  I'd walk Pippa Middleton in the morning, before it got too hot for her, and then Josie and I would head to the beach for a few hours.  Next, we'd come home for lunch and showers before we'd leave the house again for a long bike ride.

Some nights we ate at home, some nights we went out for dinner.  There was a lot of book reading, sitting on the porch, watching movies in the evening and enjoying the views.

At the start of the week, we decided that if we got bored, we'd try to leave earlier by going stand-by, but that was the only time the subject came up.  We had a blast.

I came home to Massachusetts very relaxed.


Diane Guymon said...

"stand by"? Is it a plane flight away from your house?

Diane Guymon said...

oh, did i miss gordy's special guest post about the colorado tournament??

Martha said...

Diane - in order to get a car on or off the island (during the summer) you have to make reservations on the ferry in JANUARY! So if you have a car on the island, you have to stay until the day / time of your reservation unless you commit to riding "stand by" which means getting up early and going to the ferry dock at 6:00am where you have to stand by your car until there's a free spot on the boat. But that doesn't happen very often. It's rather a pain.

And no! you didn't miss Gordy's guest post. I'll ask him if he would like to write one but since they lost and then Georgia's current soccer season has been ruined by the birth year change, Gordy is rather anti-soccer at the moment :)

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