Thursday, September 15, 2016

Random Block Island Photos

I'm trying to finish up my summer posts - the children are in school already for heaven's sake - but I don't want to leave anything out.  I want to remember that this was the summer of the Dutch Braid (a reverse french braid).  Josie practiced the braid on Georgia until she finally mastered it.

Every year I try to take our Christmas card photo while we are outside, on vacation and happy.  I've written a post on how hard it is to get one good photo of three, opinionated, easily-bored children so I won't go into it all again.  Needless to say, older children are no easier to photograph than younger children so this year's attempts were no less of a disaster than attempts previous.

This would have been a good one...

Had Georgia not pulled a face.

And this might have worked had Henry not decided that he was finished with the whole endeavor and up and left.

The following photo was from our trip to watch a west side beach sunset:

Pippa Middleton loves Block Island and all the outdoor time it entails.  There's no air conditioning, though, so when she gets hot and tired after a walk, you can usually find her here...

lying flat on her belly against the cold tiles.

Each week that they hydrangeas are in bloom, I pick bouquets for our living and dining areas.  At the start of the summer, the hydrangeas are all blue and then as the summer progresses, some turn white, others turn green and a few turn pink.  I took this photo at the end of August with the last of the blooms - a rainbow of flower!

We always miss the official Race Week on Block Island because our schools here in Massachusetts go until the bitter end of June, but we did get to see one sailing race (from Montauk? ) and the occasional sailboat will drift by our house.  It's always fun to see them.

There are more random photos on my instagram account.  Feel free to click over to that site by clicking on the camera icon to the right.

And that was our summer.  I'm sorry that it came to an end :)


Janet said...

Your hydrangeas are gorgeous! Mine never even formed a blossom this year...hoping for better times next year. Taking photos of teenagers is always challenging - my friend Lisa Sugarman writes a blog and her topic this week was photos - check it out, I think you'll like it:

Martha said...

Janet - my hydrangeas in MA never bloomed this year either! What happened? Was the the draught? I'm glad to hear that I wasn't the only one. I'll check out Lisa's blog. I'm always looking for new blogs. Thanks for sending me her link.


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