Friday, September 30, 2016

The Dark Side of Air Travel

I've been MIA on my blog this week and that is because 48 hours after my long plane adventure home from Philadelphia, I came down with one of the meanest sickness I've ever had.  I thought it was a flu but considering that it was gone (mostly) after three days, I'd say it was probably just a very mean virus.

While I was in my sick bed, doing absolutely nothing but sleeping and feeling terrible, I remembered why pugs are the best dogs ever.

My sweet Pippa Middleton lay at my side, hour after hour, day after day.  She was a true companion - not even minding when I threw off the covers in a fit of being TOO HOT and then just minutes later, I pulled the blankets back on over her head because it was WAY TOO COLD!  Hot, cold, hot, cold, ache, moan, groan repeat.  It was a long two days.

Today was the third day and while I am still very tired and I now have a worrisome sore throat that I am trying to ignore, I feel loads better.  Which is a good thing, since going to the grocery store this morning was a dire necessity and getting Henry to a late-evening hockey game tonight is just as mandatory.  

Mine was not the cold that Owen suffered from while I was at Elizabeth's house, so the general consensus is that I caught this wretched bug on the airplane ride home.  So cheers!  Thanks American Airlines!

Life went on while I was upstairs in my bed.  Gordy did double-duty going to work and then getting three children to and fro in the off-hours.  There was soccer practice and hockey practice and a field hockey game, multiple tests and quizzes and multiple school-related events.  The usual.

I have a blog post ready to be written about the new flute we got for Georgia and my constant struggle to get my daughters to practice their instruments.  Luckily we have very patient teachers!

Check back soon.

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