Sunday, September 18, 2016

The First Day Of School 2016

So we finished summer.  It's depressing and I'm kind of in denial about it, but summer is actually over now and school has begun.  Henry and Josie started school before Labor Day and Georgia started her year right after.

I took my traditional First Day of school photo by our fireplace.  Henry no longer wants to be on my blog, so I'm not going to post the one photo he reluctantly agreed to pose for.  But Georgia's photos are above and Josephine's are below.  Henry is now an 11th grader, Georgia is in 8th grade and Josie has started 6th.

Josie started a new school and it was a slooooowwww start.  On Tuesday, she and I drove to school and met with her advisor and got her computer formatted.  On Wednesday, I dropped her off at school for a three-hour orientation where they learned how to use various computer programs, played some get-to-know-you games and learned where their classrooms were.  Then FINALLY on Thursday, I put both Henry and Josie on the bus at 6:30am and they had their first real, honest-to-goodness first day of school.  

So how did she do?  Well.  She enjoyed school and she enjoyed the first day.  And the second day.  She is currently on day three.  She likes her teachers, she loves switching classrooms and being in a middle school instead of an elementary school and she's met a lot of nice kids.  She did explain to Georgia last night that she can't say she's made friends yet because she is still meeting people and getting to know them.  She can't consider them friends yet.  Which makes sense.

Henry and Georgia are less enthusiastic about starting their school years.  According to Henry, Junior year is notoriously hard and busy.  There is school and all the work that comes with it, plus learning to drive, plus studying for SATs and/or ACTs, taking SATs or ACTs, visiting colleges, writing essays etc, etc, etc.

When he put it that way, I had to agree.  Junior year does sound like a nightmare.

Georgia enjoyed her first day but once again felt like she doesn't have as many friends in each of her classes as she would like.  Her teachers seem nice but she's pretty certain it's all an act and her science teacher already assigned homework (I'm writing this on her first day)!

As for me, I am not one of those parents who looks forward to having her kids back in school.  I miss having them around and I miss having no set schedule and I'm not that great at handling the back-to-school stresses.  Having more private time is nice.  And I like being in the quiet house and eating my lunch in peace, but I'd happily give those things up to have it be summer and have the children at home again.

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