Friday, October 28, 2016

Hockey Halloween Spook-tacular

It's that time of the year again.... pumpkins are being carved, there are decorations all over the town and Josie is raiding our old dress-up-clothes bin for silly things to wear.  It must be time for the Islanders' annual Hockey Halloween Spook-tacular.

This year, Josie put on a rainbow tutu and a funny headband and got on the ice.

She was joined by an emoji and many, many fairy princesses.

One of her team mates dressed as a mouse - she looked wonderfully warm and cozy to me, but Josie told me that the poor girl was drenched in sweat by the end of the practice.

They do actually practice at the Hockey Halloween Spook-tacular.

Here is Josie with her friend Brooke:

and here is the entire group (that's the a few teams, by the way.  They share the ice on Thursday)

For the real Halloween celebration on Monday, Josie is going to be either Thing 1 or Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss.  I'm not sure if she and her friend from school have decided who will be which Thing.  Josie is our only trick-or-treater left.  Georgia is having friends over to watch a scary movie and Henry has decided that he will help me answer the door and pass out the candy.  

We only get one or two groups of trick-or-treaters at our house, so mostly Henry will be helping me sit and eat the candy directly from the bowl.  

It will be fun, either way.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Fall Weekend In Maine

While Gordy and Josie were walking around the Great Woods' Parking Lot, Henry and I were hanging out with my parents and enjoying Maine in the fall.  We drove up on Friday afternoon after school and stayed until Sunday morning.  It was a quick trip but totally worth it.

We didn't make it up to Maine this summer like we usually do, so it was really nice to squeeze in a quick trip.  I hadn't been to Maine in the fall in years and I had forgotten how gorgeous Maine nature is.  Henry slept most of the drive, but I was oohing and aahhing at the amazing red, orange and yellow leaves the entire way to my parents' house.

Once we arrived in Maine, sadly, it rained for most of the weekend, so I didn't get any photos to show you all the beautiful colors.  You will have to believe me. 

I did get a bunch of photos of Henry watching a baseball game in my parents' beautiful tv room, though.

Lucky you!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Josie (and her teammates ) Walk For Autism

This past weekend, Josie (and Gordy) participated in a fundraising walk for Autism Awareness with her hockey team.

Even though I wasn't there (Henry and I went to Maine where we visited my parents) I brought Josie to this same event two years ago, so I feel confident that I can describe what is going on in the photos Gordy took with his iPhone.

The photo below is the group shot of all the Islander Hockey Club members who attended the walk:

The owner of the club likes to take a group shot every year which he then blows up, frames and hangs in the hockey rink.

The event is held at Great Woods (which has another name now but I don't remember it) and the walk itself happens in a loop around the parking lot.

Here is Josie with her friends.

Josie is on a great team - the girls have bonded nicely over the years.  

The girls are all from different towns but the majority of them are from the Andover area.  

They had a game on Saturday and afterwards, Josie brought her closest hockey friend, Ella, back to our house for an afternoon of play and then a sleepover.  Gordy then brought both girls to the walk.  

so obviously, Josie had a great time.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Lacrosse Tournaments

This post could easily be called:  What To Do When Your November Birthday Makes Playing Club Soccer In The Fall Impossible.

The answer:  Sign up for as many lacrosse tournaments as you can.

Georgia is not playing soccer this fall - her teammates are all playing for their high school teams and Georgia is still in eighth grade - but she is going to soccer practices during the week and soccer skills on the weekend.  

That's not really enough for Georgia, so Gordy signed her up for a few lacrosse tournaments with her lacrosse team.  The team usually has one practice a week during the fall with real games and multiple practices in the spring, but they do offer tournament opportunities throughout the year and so when able, Georgia is participating in those.

Gordy brought Georgia to a local tournament last weekend and I sent him off with my camera so we could have some photos of Georgia playing (what is currently) her main sport.

Since I wasn't there, I don't have much to report.  Here is what I did learn:  

1.  Georgia's team won most of their games but the girls didn't score enough in their final game to make it into the finals.

2.  They played a team from my old hometown in New Jersey and a team from Connecticut

3.  Gordy got a sunburn on the back of his neck

4.  Georgia's club has finally switched from the wildly impractical white short to a much better hunter green.

5.  I don't absorb very many actual sporting details 

6.  I should probably work on that!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Pippa's Playdate With Percy

Everyone meet Percy!  Percy is Pippa Middleton's friend Cosmo's little brother.  We've been waiting for Percy to be old enough to have a playdate with Pippa and the day finally arrived.

We brought the dogs down to our basement where they could race around without us having to worry about one of them running into the street.

At the start of the playdate, Percy was uncertain about Pippa.  

You might say that he was petrified.

Pippa was all up in his face, trying to sniff him, trying to figure out who this new little friend was and how she could get him to play with her.

Percy just wanted to hide and not be sniffed, not be figured out and not be introduced to any strange, older pug dogs.

Eventually, we decided to hold onto Pippa Middleton and let Percy approach her.  

This was a plan Percy could get behind.

And then the playing began.  There were great rounds of zoomies and figure eights around the basement.  

Pippa just wanted to run, but Percy preferred chasing Pippa more than he preferred being chased BY Pippa.  Eventually, Pippa had had enough of the little puppy and ran up the stairs and laid down.

She must have known that Percy hasn't mastered steps yet!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Elliot Ninja Warrior

Like most Americans, we love the show American Ninja Warrior and we watch it every summer.

Well, the kids and I are fans of American Ninja Warrior.  Gordy says he prefers it to one of my HGTV shows, but that's not saying much.

I'm telling you all this because on Saturday, we brought the girls to American Gymja Warrior in Danvers where the girls got to try out their Ninja skills. 

Georgia conquered the short warped wall right away and then proceeded to fight her way up to the top of the medium-height wall for most of the rest of our hour.

I can not say enough about how great this gym was.  I highly recommend it to all my Massachusetts friends.  The girls had a blast trying all the equipment and after about ten minutes, Gordy was feeling sad that he hadn't paid to be a ninja warrior too.

We went to the gym during an open-gym hour and all the equipment was available to try and it wasn't particularly crowded.  The girls tried almost everything:  the rope climbs, the three warp walls, the trampolines, the various arm hangs (I don't know all the technical terms!) - if it was there, they tried it.

The best thing about this gym is the employees - there were three helpers walking around the course, demonstrating how the equipment was to be used, giving encouragement and pointers to the kids and making sure my ninja novices were being safe.  They weren't hovering though and they let the kids give something a try before they offered tips or suggestions.

The Ninja workout is an intense one - both girls were exhausted and sweaty when we left and sore the next morning.  They won't be entering the official competition anytime soon, but it was fun to pretend for an hour!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

One Last Trip To Block Island

Gordy and I took a day-trip on Friday to close up the house on Block Island.  It's not that much work, really.  We had to take down all the screens, wash them and put them in a closet for the winter.  We had to remove and store all the outside furniture cushions and then stack the furniture in a wind-resistant clump on the front porch and then we had to remove all the bedding (which we brought home to be cleaned and stored in our Massachusetts home until next summer).

We also cleaned out the refrigerator, unplugged the wifi and cellphone tower and straightened up a few remaining things.  

The rest of "closing the house" is done by others and by me back at home.  We have to hire a plumber to turn off the water and empty the pipes and I'll call the satellite tv, the phone and the wifi to get those services turned off for the winter.  

It's fairly easy.

After we finished the chores, there was still time for a walk.  We chose an interior island path that we had attempted to do with Henry earlier in the summer but were thwarted by an attack of biting flies.

The flies were gone this time, thankfully, but we did see thousands of bees in a field of wild flowers.  Well, I guess we didn't see them so much as we heard them.  The noise was really loud - like a loud drone or airplane.

After our walk, we had lunch downtown and then there was still time for me to take a walk to the beach and for Gordy to watch some baseball on tv.  It was a very relaxing trip.

This is Columbus Day weekend and the kids don't have school on Monday, so technically, we could have all gone down to Block Island and stayed for the weekend but the teenagers weren't interested in taking the trip.... which they might be regretting since Gordy is now using the weekend to organize and clean out the MA house and he's expecting help.   :)

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