Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Fall Weekend In Maine

While Gordy and Josie were walking around the Great Woods' Parking Lot, Henry and I were hanging out with my parents and enjoying Maine in the fall.  We drove up on Friday afternoon after school and stayed until Sunday morning.  It was a quick trip but totally worth it.

We didn't make it up to Maine this summer like we usually do, so it was really nice to squeeze in a quick trip.  I hadn't been to Maine in the fall in years and I had forgotten how gorgeous Maine nature is.  Henry slept most of the drive, but I was oohing and aahhing at the amazing red, orange and yellow leaves the entire way to my parents' house.

Once we arrived in Maine, sadly, it rained for most of the weekend, so I didn't get any photos to show you all the beautiful colors.  You will have to believe me. 

I did get a bunch of photos of Henry watching a baseball game in my parents' beautiful tv room, though.

Lucky you!

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