Sunday, October 2, 2016

A Late Night Hockey Game

Okay everyone, a quick message ....... shhhhhh.  Don't say a word!  I know that Henry doesn't want to be on my blog anymore and I know that these are photos of Henry playing hockey, but if we all just keep our mouths shut, maybe I can get away with it.  

And frankly, since I did stay up way past my bedtime on Friday night and I did drive Henry 45 minutes away for a 9:30pm game - oh!  - and I fed him dinner first, so certainly I am owed one small blog post with photos of the male teenager.

And also, he's wearing a helmet, so who knows if it's even him! 

(it is) 

After my wretched illness, it was time for me to get back into the carpool and do my share, so while Gordy was at Josie's middle school, attending a parent party and waiting for Josie's dance to be over, I was driving the aforementioned 45 minutes to Henry's hockey game.

I like a middle school parent party, don't get me wrong, but since I was probably still a little germy and woozy from my three days of woe, it was decided that a hockey game was probably a better fit for me.

Plus it gave me a chance to try out my new camera and my new telephoto lens inside a dark ice rink, and I'm happy to say they both worked pretty well.  

Henry is now a second-year Midget which means that he plays a "quarter" season that lasts from September to December.  It also means that not every player takes the team as seriously as they used to.  For example, on Friday night, the team had only seven players in their line-up.  For you non-hockey players, you really want at least ten players.  If you need more information, here's a comparison:  on Josie's team, they have fifteen.  

Having only seven players means that you are basically never going to get off the ice during the entire game which is an exhausting experience especially if you are a teenager who doesn't ever get enough sleep, and if it's Friday night at 9:30pm and if your last period of the school day was an hour and a half of fitness class where you were forced to run laps the entire time because some kids snuck out of class early the day before.

Well that's rather specific, isn't it Martha?  Could all those variables actually happen?  


Yes, they can.  And they did happen.

To Henry.

On Friday night.

It wasn't the prettiest game I've ever watched.  Henry's team lost 7-1.  The boys all looked tired - even those who hadn't had two hours of jogging in fitness class.

Youth hockey in our town has historically been treated seriously by the players and their parents so I'm not sure what's happening this year.  There was a rumor going around that at least one player didn't show up because he was too tired and couldn't be bothered.  The coach did know about other absences and he did try to recruit some other players but a late night game in a far away location wasn't tempting.

I certainly hope (for all of our sakes) that more boys show up in the future.  

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