Thursday, October 13, 2016

Elliot Ninja Warrior

Like most Americans, we love the show American Ninja Warrior and we watch it every summer.

Well, the kids and I are fans of American Ninja Warrior.  Gordy says he prefers it to one of my HGTV shows, but that's not saying much.

I'm telling you all this because on Saturday, we brought the girls to American Gymja Warrior in Danvers where the girls got to try out their Ninja skills. 

Georgia conquered the short warped wall right away and then proceeded to fight her way up to the top of the medium-height wall for most of the rest of our hour.

I can not say enough about how great this gym was.  I highly recommend it to all my Massachusetts friends.  The girls had a blast trying all the equipment and after about ten minutes, Gordy was feeling sad that he hadn't paid to be a ninja warrior too.

We went to the gym during an open-gym hour and all the equipment was available to try and it wasn't particularly crowded.  The girls tried almost everything:  the rope climbs, the three warp walls, the trampolines, the various arm hangs (I don't know all the technical terms!) - if it was there, they tried it.

The best thing about this gym is the employees - there were three helpers walking around the course, demonstrating how the equipment was to be used, giving encouragement and pointers to the kids and making sure my ninja novices were being safe.  They weren't hovering though and they let the kids give something a try before they offered tips or suggestions.

The Ninja workout is an intense one - both girls were exhausted and sweaty when we left and sore the next morning.  They won't be entering the official competition anytime soon, but it was fun to pretend for an hour!

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Diane Guymon said...

that is so amazing, what a great idea for a fun gym!!!

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