Tuesday, October 11, 2016

One Last Trip To Block Island

Gordy and I took a day-trip on Friday to close up the house on Block Island.  It's not that much work, really.  We had to take down all the screens, wash them and put them in a closet for the winter.  We had to remove and store all the outside furniture cushions and then stack the furniture in a wind-resistant clump on the front porch and then we had to remove all the bedding (which we brought home to be cleaned and stored in our Massachusetts home until next summer).

We also cleaned out the refrigerator, unplugged the wifi and cellphone tower and straightened up a few remaining things.  

The rest of "closing the house" is done by others and by me back at home.  We have to hire a plumber to turn off the water and empty the pipes and I'll call the satellite tv, the phone and the wifi to get those services turned off for the winter.  

It's fairly easy.

After we finished the chores, there was still time for a walk.  We chose an interior island path that we had attempted to do with Henry earlier in the summer but were thwarted by an attack of biting flies.

The flies were gone this time, thankfully, but we did see thousands of bees in a field of wild flowers.  Well, I guess we didn't see them so much as we heard them.  The noise was really loud - like a loud drone or airplane.

After our walk, we had lunch downtown and then there was still time for me to take a walk to the beach and for Gordy to watch some baseball on tv.  It was a very relaxing trip.

This is Columbus Day weekend and the kids don't have school on Monday, so technically, we could have all gone down to Block Island and stayed for the weekend but the teenagers weren't interested in taking the trip.... which they might be regretting since Gordy is now using the weekend to organize and clean out the MA house and he's expecting help.   :)

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