Sunday, October 16, 2016

Pippa's Playdate With Percy

Everyone meet Percy!  Percy is Pippa Middleton's friend Cosmo's little brother.  We've been waiting for Percy to be old enough to have a playdate with Pippa and the day finally arrived.

We brought the dogs down to our basement where they could race around without us having to worry about one of them running into the street.

At the start of the playdate, Percy was uncertain about Pippa.  

You might say that he was petrified.

Pippa was all up in his face, trying to sniff him, trying to figure out who this new little friend was and how she could get him to play with her.

Percy just wanted to hide and not be sniffed, not be figured out and not be introduced to any strange, older pug dogs.

Eventually, we decided to hold onto Pippa Middleton and let Percy approach her.  

This was a plan Percy could get behind.

And then the playing began.  There were great rounds of zoomies and figure eights around the basement.  

Pippa just wanted to run, but Percy preferred chasing Pippa more than he preferred being chased BY Pippa.  Eventually, Pippa had had enough of the little puppy and ran up the stairs and laid down.

She must have known that Percy hasn't mastered steps yet!

1 comment:

Tami said...

Percy had a blast and can't wait to play with Pippa again soon!

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