Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Stanley Cup

The father of one of Josie's hockey teammates is an employee of the Pittsburgh Penguins and because of that fact, her hockey club got to spend time with The Stanley Cup last week.  It was one super-exciting, chaotic, crazy photo-op.

We were all told to arrive an hour early to practice and then we waited in a room at the ice rink for the cup to arrive.  I used the wait time to get a few pictures of Josie's team (plus assorted babies and a younger sister)

The coaches had the children line up and form an aisle for the cup to pass through on it's way to the table where the photos would be taken.

The moment of arrival was very dramatic and it was interesting to see that The Stanley Cup came with a minder and it's own tablecloth!

And then the chaos ensued - each child wanting to get a photo of themselves next to the cup, each team wanting a group shot next to the cup and all the parents angling to make these dreams possible.

Luckily, Josie has a very take-charge coach who quickly arranged the girls into an organized group, got multiple parents shooting photos from multiple angles and in a flash, it was over.

We all left quickly to give the other teams room to do their photos.  

The Stanley Cup is fun to see close-up.  I would have liked to have had a chance to really inspect it and to read all the names engraved on the sides, but with a few hundred children running around, that wasn't possible.  I'd say that most of these kids are Bruins fans, so the fact that the cup wasn't in Boston because of a Bruins win, did lessen the excitement somewhat.  

I'd also say that the boy teams were more excited than the girls teams as it's more exciting to see a trophy that you have an actual chance of winning someday... but I suppose that's a whole other issue. :)


Diane Guymon said...

That's SO cool, thanks for blogging about it, so I feel like I am a little part of it....I know someone who has seen the Stanley Cup!!! Awesome!!!

Diane Guymon said...

did you get any pictures of the "keeper of the cup". I follow him on Twitter, haha!

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