Wednesday, November 16, 2016

An Update With Pippa Middleton

I wrote an update on our human children yesterday, so today I will update you all on what's new with Pippa Middleton.  I know how curious you all are about our pug dog (wink, wink!).  

Pippa Middleton in now two and even though she really has one more year of puppy-hood, she's calmed down considerably and acts (mostly) like an older, adult dog.  

And for that, we are incredibly grateful.  

Here is what Pippa Middleton loves:  Kissing strangers, long walks (especially if they provide the opportunity to kiss strangers), greeting anyone who comes into our house as if they are long-lost friends, doing zoomies, playing with her dog neighbors Cooper or Daisy or her pug friend Percy and eating.

Here is what Pippa Middleton doesn't like:  cars, car rides, ferries, ferry rides, the vet and slippery stair cases.

I'd say her hatred of cars is her only real flaw.  Gordy and I have never managed to raise a neurosis-free dog (and this is our fourth dog, so we really are embarrassed) but Pippa Middleton comes the closest to be normal.  

And then we put her in a car - or a car drives by her on a walk - and we realize that we've messed this dog up too.  Because it has to be us, right?  

On Saturday, Gordy and I took Pippa in the car to a local pond with a nice walking trail and Pippa shook and shrieked the entire way.  The noise she makes is almost impossible to describe.  It's loud and piercing and she stress yawns while making it and that adds a particularly strange cadence to the entire thing. 

And then when you get out of the car, she continues the shrieking for the first two or three minutes of the walk.  It's so weird.

She does a similar act on the Block Island ferry although in that case, I think it's more a protesting shriek since we aren't allowing her to run around unleashed so she can kiss all the strangers.  

Gordy went to a presentation at work the other day about how to raise unspoiled, hard-working children and he came home with a list of things that we should do to ensure that our children grow into productive adults - one of which is that all of our children should be doing chores around the house.

This is a touchy subject at our house.  For years we have been working on getting our children to help out around the house and very few of our attempts have been successful.  Weekly chores always work for a month or two and then something in the schedule changes and Henry doesn't have time to make his bed before 5am hockey or Josie can't set the table because she is never home before dinner and Georgia can't gather the trash because soccer is suddenly on Thursday night.  Or else we offer them an allowance if they do certain daily household tasks and after a week or two, they decide that they'd rather have the free time than the money.   I should have started these chores back when the kids were really young and didn't have the teenage will to say no (or no thank you, as my children are polite), but when they were really young, it was always easier and quicker to do tasks on my own and it became my habit instead of theirs.

Gordy and I were in bed talking about all this and we agreed that we do have one success in the anti-spoiling campaign:  Pippa Middleton.  The only chores in the house that all three kids will just do without fight or complaints are Pippa Middleton - related chores:  walking Pippa, feeding her, filling her water bowl, playing with her, etc.

So that made us feel better.  Maybe our children won't be lazy, good-for-nothings after all.

Pippa Middleton says, you are welcome, world.

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