Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Around Here

Hello everyone!  Long time no post.  

We have been busy here in Massachusetts but I have very few photos to prove it.  It's finals week for Henry and that's hasn't been too much fun.  I'm pretty sure that Henry has never been busier and I feel like this year is just racing along towards that moment when Henry graduates high school and leaves for college.  And I am just not ready for that.  I know Henry is only in his junior year, but the first two years of high school went unbelievably fast so I'm assuming the second two will as well.  

High school hockey started yesterday morning which meant that Henry had to get up at 5am to get to the rink at Boston University on time.    It will take a few weeks for him to get into the early morning routine again - if he ever does.  Right now he's exhausted, he's suffering from his usual winter eczema but this year it's worse since he's on acne medicine that dries him out and he is stressing about his math exam on Friday.  

But those are the bad things - he is actually enjoying himself, for the most part.  He has a great group of friends, some of whom have their driver's licenses which helps tremendously.  Henry has been working on his own driving skills.  The earliest he can take the exam is January which couldn't come early enough for Gordy who would rather NOT be driving Henry into Boston for hockey every morning. :)

And how is Georgia?   She is well, thank you!  Eighth grade is going fantastically and if you ask me, the workload has been pretty easy compared to last year and since Georgia didn't have soccer this fall, she had a lot more time to hang out with her friends.  She's also been able to participate in a few lacrosse tournaments, so that was nice.  We just signed Georgia up for a two-week summer camp with three of her friends.  

Yes, we are really figuring out our summer plans in November.

Josie is thriving, too.  She loves her new school and I love how little homework she has since her sport schedule has been rather nutty.  This has been the first week with no field hockey and things are already running more smoothly.  Josie is now in an art class as her after-school activity and she's really enjoying it.  Henry did this same art class when he was in eighth grade and he loved it, too, so we aren't surprised.  What child doesn't enjoy an open art room and the ability to create whatever they'd like with whatever medium available?  

The unicorns were done at home, not school.   In case you were wondering.  We made Josie put away her phone last weekend and this is what she did instead of texting her friends.  

And finally, last night was the Super Moon and I tried to get a photo:

Werewolves - look away!

It was pretty cloudy so this was the best I could do!


Laura said...

Josie and Pippa with the unicorn horns... so cute! What a fun project. :)

Martha said...

Thanks Laura!

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